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Trust in Science

Trust in experts is not a given. In crisis situations, scientists’ credibility can become contested.  From one day to another, scientists can suddenly become public figures, the targets of blame and abuse, and can inadvertently make controversies worse. In the age of misinformation, and when trust in experts is low, dangerous beliefs can spread across society like wildfire. The trustworthiness of scientists and trust in science should not be taken for granted. This simulation brings these challenges to life in a fictional scenario. How can trust in science be safeguarded? How can it be restored?
The Climate Science Crisis Simulation demonstrates how such questions can be answered by a range of policy options and worldviews.

The Story

The simulation is set in 2030, in an alternative world similar to our own. In this world, the Pangean Union faces a protracted crisis of trust in climate science and expertise. The crisis is triggered by a whistleblower’s revelations and allegations about a solar geoengineering operation. Through ensuing misinformation spreading across the Pangean Union, failed attempts by scientists to reassure the public, and further revelations, the controversy reaches epic proportions. 

The roles

Simulation participants take part in the fictional Regain Trust Conference to discuss policies and measures to address the damages caused by the solar geoengineering controversy and – more importantly – to prevent future crises of trust in expertise. They take on a variety of roles – from scientists to decision makers and lobbyists – with unique perspectives and nuances.

12 – 60 players

12 unique role archetypes

3 – 4 hours



For whom?

The simulation is an experiential crash course in science-policy interactions and trust in science. It can also stimulate creative and precise thinking around policies and actions related to science for policy and policy for science. This simulation might be of interest, amongst others, to:

– Science-policy organisations and professionals
– National and international policy officials
– Organisations working on trust and misinformation
– University lecturers
– Early-career researchers

Face-to-Face workshops

During the face-to-face workshops participants use their phones or tablets. They connect via the internet with a mobile version of the simulation platform, where they receive emails from supervisors and lobbyists, and can suggest and vote on policies.

A fully online version of the workshop using a computer browser can be developed. If you’re interested in making that happen, please get in touch.

Download moderator materials

initial Application

The Climate Science Crisis Simulation was commissioned by the PERITIA project, and co-designed with PERITIA partners for the project’s closing event ‘Research Insights for European Policymaking’ held in May 2023 at the European Parliament’s InfoHub in Brussels. The event was co-hosted by the European Parliament’s Panel for the Future of Science and Technology (STOA) and the European Science-Media Hub.



I was really impressed. This was extremely inspiring. I’m familiar with this type of approach and I practiced this myself, but I have to say, it worked remarkably well. The attention to detail was remarkable. Every little aspect of it was really well done.

European Commission Officer
Ethics in Science and New Technologies

The quality of the simulation and the functionality of the app makes the process very immersive, very quickly, which is vital for exercises such as this where you want to spend your time thinking creatively about responses. Everyone got into their roles and that led to very useful perspectives and actions.

Professor Bobby Duffy
Director of the Policy Institute
King’s College London


Simulation design







Noam Obermeister
Lukasz Jarzabek

lukasz kowalski

Wladyslaw Zoloto

Bartosz Naprawa

Anna Koch

Weronika Adamczak
Magdalena Liszka
Jakub Damurski

Please read terms of use. If you want to modify our game, or take part in training on how to run it please contact us.


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    The Climate Science Crisis Simulation was co-designed with PERITIA partners, including principal investigators.

    Special thanks to:
    Prof. Maria Baghramian
    Prof. Catherine Holst
    Dr. Kirstie Hewlett 
    Daniel Kaiser